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Works on PC and includes USB cable. One small scuff mark under the brake pedals on the foot rest, see last picture. Fanatec CSR Elite Loadcell Pedals for PC | eBay. In good used condition. Recently tested, fully functional. Works on PC and includes USB cable. I’ve owned both the V3 and currently the V3 Inverted.

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His extensive video review doesn’t just review the pedals, he also compares them to two other popular models – It’s bigger brother, the Clubsport pedals as well as the Logitech G25 pedal set. Each pedal´s (gas, brake, clutch) position is individually adjustable and can be separately mounted onto your customized cockpit, without the pedal plate. The high quality materials ensure long lasting durability, improve resistance and account for their impressive weight.

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(Basically any wheel that can use T3PA or T500 pedals) *CSP V3 requires an RJ12 to PS2 cable, purchased below. (or you can purchase one from Fanatec when buying your pedals The CSR Elite pedals are incredible and have been highly rated among many reviewers and users all over many different sim racing forums. Though I recommend you buy them new if you'd prefer having a more reliable product with a warranty. But the jump from Potentiometer to Load cell on the brake is incredible.

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Csr elite load cell


Csr elite load cell

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If you are experiencing problems with the brake on your CSR Elite Pedals, it usually indicates a new Load Cell is required. Fanatec Load Cells have a limited life and are designed to be periodically replaced to ensure optimum braking performance for your pedals. The most important feature the CSR Elite pedals is the brake pedal that uses a load cell instead of a potentiometer like pedal sets from other mass-market manufacturers such as Logitech or Thrustmaster.

2015-01-16 The CSR Elite Pedals are a standalone pedal unit made almost fully of durable aluminum. The set comes with a standard three-pedal layout consisting of gas, brake & clutch. The most important feature the CSR Elite pedals is the brake pedal that uses a load cell instead of a potentiometer like pedal sets from other mass-market manufacturers such as Logitech or Thrustmaster. Works on PC and includes USB cable.
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Engaging this technology provides for your realistic driving experience. This racing set is compatible with PlayStation 3 and PC. Most important features … CAD$199.00. With our range of Sim Pedals being able to cope with the forces as experienced in real life racing cars, a sturdy mount to your simulator rig is an absolute must. If you do not want mount the pedals directly to your rig but want to put them on a baseplate first, we offer an optional rigid mounting solution.

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Outside of these certifications, load cells are labelled general purpose (GP). I suspected maybe a bad load cell, so I ordered a replacement from EBay. But, that came yesterday and when I installed it, the pedal still isn't registering any input. I have started a support ticket with Fanatec, but response is very slow.

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Watch. CSL Elite pedals make Loadcell lighter? Nick Sotiriadis. May 2019. in Pedals. Hello, I just got my CSL Elite pedals + Loadcell.

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